Two more Agilis™ 100 MOCVD tools will ship from MN to the southwest United States

Agnitron has announced the sale of an additional two Agilis™ 100 MOCVD tools to a prestigious university in the southwest of United States.  One will support the G2O3 process growths and related device development at the university.  The wide bandgap materials grown on this system will bolster the world’s appetite for high current devices used in such things as EV, renewables, and electrical storage capabilities.

The second MOCVD tool will be used to develop processes and technologies for GaN, AlGaN & other alloys, giving the university an increased capacity to drive research and development in a host of new and cutting-edge technologies.

Both systems will be delivered in the last ’23 leveraging the world class work done by Agnitron in its process lab located in Chanhassen, MN.  Agnitron employs research scientist and engineers who study, grow, and evaluate these materials internally and collaborate with industry, scholastic, and governmental scientist to promote advanced products to improve the world’s quality of life and the environment.

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