Agnitron will build custom MOCVD tool for Prominent US University

Agilis 100™  AlN, AlGaN, Ga2O3 MOCVD System

Agnitron Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of another Agnitron Agilis 100™ system to a prominent university located in the upper Midwest region of the United States.  The purchase of Agnitron’s latest Agilis 100 Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) system will be used by the University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Wide-Bandgap Materials and Devices Lab. The Lab has partnered with Agnitron to provide the state-of-the-art system to enable exploration of ultra-wide band gap semiconductor materials.

The Agnitron Agilis 100™ system delivers multiple, best-in-class capabilities that support research and development of a variety of semiconductor materials. The system purchased by the university will be suited for AlN, AlGaN growth for deep UV LEDs and power devices. Additionally, it is being manufactured as a dual-use system which can be reconfigured for Gallium Oxide and associated alloys in under a day allowing optimum versatility. The system can reach substrate temperatures exceeding 1500°C and keep it within +/- 1.0°C at the wafer surface, and has the ability to grow advanced wide-bandgap epitaxial semiconductor layers at unmatched purities and growth rates.

The university’s partnership with Agnitron will continue and build upon the cutting-edge materials developed at that university’s lab that will enable the crucial, next-generation technologies the world desperately needs such as deep UV LEDs and high-power electronic systems. The array of potential uses for these technologies is enormous and growing – electric vehicles, renewable energy solutions, next-gen cellular communications, and more. The team at Agnitron is honored to have been selected to take part in this program and looking forward to the research that the university will continue to advance.  Agnitron’s own laboratory which has similar and complimentary systems will add to the university’s research and development.

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