Agnitron Services & Support

Agnitron provides parts and services for Emcore/Veeco, Discovery and Enterprise series MOCVD systems. We can supply parts for all system components, customization and upgrades with service plans. We also support legacy MOCVD systems that have limited or no support and may have components that have become obsolete and require upgrades to extend the system’s lifetime.

We provide growth R&D services, supporting the development of new critical components. We also provide support for the growth of custom epitaxial structures including custom oxide and nitride epitaxial structures.

MOCVD Services

Parts & Services

Agnitron is supporting all Emcore/Veeco, Discovery (D75, D125, D180) and Enterprise (E300, E400, E450) series MOCVD systems, including spare and replacement parts for all system components, customization, software/hardware upgrades and service plans with varying levels of support.

Custom Systems in Edina

Growth R&D

Agnitron’s advanced proprietary technology enables cost effective starting substrates for GaN material research and development or device production. This technology utilizes novel techniques which mitigate obstacles that have hindered high quality material growth on readily available substrates that are commonly used in the semiconductor industry.

MOCVD System in Eden Prairie

Refurbished MOCVD

Legacy MOCVD systems from Emcore, Veeco, Thomas Swan and Aixtron proved themselves as highly capable R&D platforms through the 2000’s. Though many of these aging systems are still operating despite limited or no OEM support, many components have become obsolete and require upgrades to extend the system’s productive lifetime.

Have Questions?

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