Legacy MOCVD systems from Emcore, Veeco, Thomas Swan and Aixtron proved themselves as highly capable R&D platforms through the 2000’s. Though many of these aging systems are still operating despite limited or no OEM support, many components have become obsolete and require upgrades to extend the system’s productive lifetime. Agnitron’s refurbishment and upgrade services add new capabilities bringing state-of-the-art and economical MOCVD capabilities to researchers today.

Agilis A Series Equipment in Edina

All parts and services offered by Agnitron are certified and qualified by engineering team. We only offer high quality parts which are equivalent to the OEM specification.

In some cases when components are obsolete Agnitron can offer currently supported alternative including integration with the control system.

Please check our Control Software and Automation page too see how existing control system can be upgraded to up-to-date standards.

The Agnitron Difference

In contrast to used equipment brokers which supply R&D MOCVD equipment in as-is condition, Agnitron delivers Agnitron Certified fully refurbished and upgraded legacy MOCVD equipment with OEM factory level services which include the following.

  • MOCVD system gas panel configuration, suitable modifications and upgrades for customer’s process reviewed and offered prior to sale
  • Material growth demonstration specification established prior to sale so customers can choose equipment with confidence
  • Support and consulting for customer’s facility preparation at no additional cost
  • Preshipment MOCVD system configuration audit and operational demo at Agnitron’s facility
  • Equipment startup performed at customer site by Agnitron Field Service Engineer (FSE)
  • Material growth demonstration performed at customer site by Agnitron FSE
  • Hardware and software warranties
  • Ongoing comprehensive parts support offered, preventive maintenance service plans available
  • Process development services available for work beyond the material demonstration

Choose Agnitron Legacy MOCVD Systems with Confidence

We don’t select equipment for refurbishment and upgrade if we don’t know its history and have confidence it will meet a customer’s needs. We are just as adept in material science and process engineering as we are in equipment engineering so, trust us, we understand how past use of equipment can impact its future performance and when the right time is to replace a component rather than reuse it. Details of the refurbishment process are reviewed with customers on a case-by-case basis.

State-of-the-Art Upgrades

At Agnitron we have worked with these Legacy systems since the start and are experts at returning them to OEM specification.

  • Standard and optional upgrades add new capabilities for researchers and make these proven platforms state-of-the-art by today’s standards
  • Parts and service support from top to bottom assures this economical choice will be supported for the life of the system
  • Our experience designing, building and supporting OEM equipment enables customization of these systems to suit unique process requirements, use special precursors, or even for conversion to deposit new material sets.

Complete Turn Key MOCVD Solutions

Complete turnkey MOCVD solutions are available with matched system components based on your system and process needs including:

  • Imperium-MOCVD™ Control Software and Automation
  • Replacement reactor internal and external components
  • Gas purifiers
  • Gas cabinets
  • Exhaust scrubbers
  • Process cooling water chillers
  • Hazardous gas detection safety systems
  • Engineering support for process development
  • Ongoing comprehensive MOCVD system spare/replacement parts support

More Services

Custom Systems in Edina

Growth R&D

Agnitron’s advanced proprietary technology enables cost effective starting substrates for GaN material research and development or device production. This technology utilizes novel techniques which mitigate obstacles that have hindered high quality material growth on readily available substrates that are commonly used in the semiconductor industry.

Custom Systems in Edina

Parts & Services

Agnitron is supporting all Emcore/Veeco, Discovery and Enterprise series MOCVD systems, customization, software/hardware upgrades and service plans with varying levels of support. We have a large inventory of parts available for immediate shipment and non-stocked items are available upon request with minimal lead times.

Have Questions?

Do you still have questions about Agnitron’s MOVCD systems, control software and automation, insitu monitoring or parts and services? We can help!