Agnitron Scientists to present at the WOCSEMMAD 2023

The upcoming Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices to be held in San Antonio, TX will have two Agnitron scientists presenting papers to the technical community present at the conference.

The 1st Agnitron scientist presenting at the workshop is Dr. Fikadu Alema.  The title of the work he will discuss is “Controllable Donors and Deep Acceptors doping of MOCVD Ga2O3 and β- (AlxGa1-x)2O3”.  In this presentation, he will discuss the controllable doping of MOCVD Ga2O3 and related alloys with various donor and deep acceptor dopants to realize effective n-type conductivity and compensated epitaxial layers for power devices. He will also highlight a recent effort at Agnitron Technology on MOCVD-based in-situ Ga2O3 etching and regrowth, which is crucial for the growth of Ga2O3 without interface silicon and device fabrication. Dr. Alema has been working on these material systems for several years and has grown some of the world’s best gallium oxide films.


The 2nd Agnitron presenter will be Dr. Tim Vogt .  His talk is titled “III-Nitride Growth on Hexagonal Boron Nitride”. The talk will be a summary of the development of production scale processes at Agnitron on hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) templates based on the work developed in their R&D laboratory to address the needs of Agnitron’s key customers.  It will further include information on the growth of III-Nitride materials on these templates.  Dr. Vogt will present basic growth and characterization results for hBN, AlN, and GaN templates.  Finally, he will review the approach to potential device structures and layer liftoff/transfer which is the goal of the work being pursued.

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