Agnitron Technology Announces MOCVD Hardware and Software Upgrade Installation at the University of California Santa Barbara

Chanhassen, Minnesota – Agnitron Technology has officially announced a successful hardware and software upgrade of a legacy Veeco P75 MOCVD tool at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Agnitron Technology has installed new modern digital Device Net Mass Flow Controllers, Pressure Controllers and Pressure Transducers to replace obsolete analog devices on the P75 MOCVD tool. Agnitron Technology has replaced the legacy Allan Bradley PLC with the modern Beckhoff PC/PLC. The new PC/PLC is running under Windows 10 Enterprise. The legacy EpiView software was replaced by modern Agnitron Technology Imperium software. The Imperium software runs all the legacy recipes of the old EpiView software. The complete installation process was accomplished in one week.

The Imperium platform is a Windows 10 based package and is used for controlling MOCVD and other semiconductor process equipment. Imperium-MOCVD™ is a direct Control Software and Automation replacement for Emcore, Veeco and Thomas Swan and other MOCVD systems and it offers the latest in control technology; setting a new bar for MOCVD control flexibility. The Imperium-MOCVD™ Control Software and Automation upgrades offer the latest in control technology and solves support issues which threaten up time for many users of proven but unsupported MOCVD systems with obsolete control hardware and software. It was developed in response to demand for upgrading legacy MOCVD tools for state of the art processing and extends the life of proven MOCVD platforms. Visit our Gen 3 Imperium-MOCVD™ Control Software and Automation page to view current information, as we offer a brochure and data sheet for customer inspection. Contact us today to setup an online live Imperium demo.

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