Phase II SBIR award to develop and build a III-N MOCVD system

CHANHASSEN, MN – January 3, 2020:  Agnitron Technology is please to announce it is the recipient of a Phase II SBIR award (N6833520C0105) for a project to develop and build a III-N MOCVD system for high purity GaN growth with fast growth rates.  The Office of Navy Research (ONR) is particularly interested in Agnitron Technology continuing the success of its Phase I SBIR which was successfully completed in 2019.  Further ONR sees a need for a commercial path to support the application of power electronic devices, the primary goal of the program.

A fast growth rate of high purity GaN will assist in development of devices such as FET, HEMT, and other power devices used in applications such as switch mode power supplies (SMPS).  The tool will feature Agnitron Technology’s latest innovations in its reactor designs and feature Agnitron’s  Imperium™ process control system.

Dr. Andrei Osinsky, President and CEO of Agnitron Technology states “We are pleased to continue our strong, productive relationship with ONR and the Navy Research Laboratory [NRL].  With the addition of this GaN based reactor to their fleet of tools at NRL, we will further participate in the crucial need of keeping our country on the cutting edge of technology and support the exceptional work of NRL.”

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