Agnitron Expands Equipment Ability Beyond Other Manufacturers

The Agilis MOCVD platform was expended with new equipment innovation, a dual-use capability, which allows the user to retune the system to grow a different family of semiconductor material with minimum changeover time.  Due to the flexibility of Imperium Control Software and Automation, and the utilization of Beckhoff automation, our dual use Agilis platform can switch from growing b-Ga2 O3 to III-nitride in just a few days. This capability, not featured on MOCVD machines by other manufacturers, provides incredible value for researchers. If academic clients require funding for research, possessing a dual-use MOCVD system from Agnitron, they can now pursue grants and funding opportunities on more than one material. For more information please refer to the Compound semiconductor paper volume 25 issue 3.

Additionally, an Agnitron representative will be available at CS MANTEC Minnesota Thursday May 2nd to talk more about this ability.

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