ONR Selects Agnitron for Next Generation III-N MOCVD Project

Agnitron has been selected by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for a Phase I SBIR program to develop a next generation III-N MOCVD system. The program objectives will pursue enhanced growth rates, lower background concentrations and higher temperatures and process pressures beyond what is available today by commercial III-N MOCVD equipment. Improvements in these areas will support ongoing device R&D for III-N vertical conducting power devices which require device structures with high purity and thick drift layers.  Agnitron’s diverse portfolio of III-V and oxide MOCVD equipment options for both R&D and production applications will serve as a foundation for the program. The program PI will be Agnitron Director of Systems Engineering, Gary Hering. The work is funded by contract number N68335-18-C-0744 under the direction of Lynn Petersen.

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