Agnitron Selected By AFOSR For Phase II Project

A 2017 Air Force (AFRL) SBIR Phase I program “Development of Ga2O3 Epitaxial Layers and
Heterostructures for Power Device Applications” awarded Agnitron Technology for the study of Aluminum incorporation in β-Ga2O3 has resulted in a Phase II award monitored by Dr. Ali Sayir. For this project Agnitron will be teaming up with a group of material experts from UCSB led by Professor James Speck. This effort will build on the pioneering work of Agnitron demonstrating the growth of beta phase AlGaO/GaO heterostructures by Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD). The Phase II funding will enable Agnitron to further develop the growth of AlGaO alloys, targeting Al incorporation of over 50% and efficient n-type doping of the Alloys. Another important objective of the Phase II project is developing high quality semi-insulating layers using novel doping techniques. The ultimate goal of this collaborative activity between UCSB and Agnitron is the demonstration of high performance AlGaO/ Ga2O3 heterostructure based lateral field effect transistors.

β-Ga2O3 is an ultra-wide band gap semiconductor material and has the potential to play an essential role in future power electronics. In recent years Agnitron has developed MOCVD oxide growth techniques that has led to a deep understanding of oxide crystal growth dynamics properties. The results of this work has been reported in several articles listed on the Publications Page of our website. On the equipment side these efforts have also spurred development of a proprietary gas injection technique for efficient growth of oxide films. This equipment innovation is an important aspect of leading edge β-Ga2O3 material study as it delivers high growth rates needed for commercialization of high power devices that have not been previously demonstrated by other growth reactors available on the market.

Agnitron Technology, Inc. is a compound semiconductor technology company and supports MOCVD equipment-related needs of R&D and production users. Agnitron’s Agilis Series MOCVD equipment line offers a wide range of options for reactor (single or dual) designs, source configurations, metrology and many other performance items for advanced and flexible R&D capabilities. Agilis offers configurations which support material growth capabilities for III-N, As/P, oxide, 2-D/TMD and many other related materials. The Agilis β-Ga2O3 configuration with single or multi-wafer loading capacity reactor options is now available for purchase with the same configuration used to produce Agnitron’s published work.

For further information on MOCVD equipment and contract III-N and oxide R&D services offered by Agnitron please contact:

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