ONR Extends Agnitron’s β-Ga2O3 MOCVD Growth Program Into Phase II

Through the course of a 2017 Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored STTR P1 program the Agnitron Technology and UCSB team completed major strides to improve capabilities for Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) growth of high crystal quality β-Ga2O3 films with growth rates up to 10 µm/hr. Agnitron formally began the 4-year ONR backed STTR Phase II contract in February 2018, under the direction of Lynn Peterson. The program is focused on continuing ground-breaking epitaxial growth work by MOCVD demonstrated in the Phase I and will include a major milestone of delivering an Agilis β-Ga2O3 MOCVD System to Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to support work for wide bandgap devices based on β-Ga2O3 materials. Agnitron’s ongoing β-Ga2O3 work is complemented by a currently active SBIR P1 program sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), under the direction of Ali Sayir. The Air Force sponsored Phase 1 pursues objectives focused on studying growth of β-Ga2O3 alloys as well as demonstrating delta doping profiles by MOCVD. The efforts also include emphasis on further refining the crystal quality and electrical properties of the MOCVD grown materials.

Agnitron Technology, Inc. is a compound semiconductor technology company and supports MOCVD equipment-related needs of R&D and production users. Agnitron’s Agilis Series MOCVD equipment line offers a menu of options for reactor (single or dual) designs, source configurations, metrology and many other performance items for advanced and flexible R&D capabilities. Agilis offers configurations which support material growth capabilities for III-N, As/P, oxide, 2-D/TMD and many other related materials. The Agilis β-Ga2O3 configuration with single or multi-wafer loading capacity reactor options is now available for purchase. Agnitron also performs contract III-N and oxide R&D services at their MOCVD growth laboratory in Eden Prairie, MN. Contact sales@agnitron.com for more information about our products or services.

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