ONR Extends Agnitron Phase I Contract for “Ultra-Fast Metastable Implant Activation System” Program into Option Period.

Through the course of a 2020 Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored SBIR P1 program the Agnitron Technology has completed major strides in designing a system that would be able to able to reliability and efficiently remove Mg implantation induced damage in GaN and electrically activate holes. Agnitron formally began the 1-year ONR backed SBIR Phase I base period contract in June 2020.

The program is focused on continuing the work done by Agnitron in the early stages of the program which was to design a system that would be able to reliability and efficiently utilize a combination of multiple sub-second heating and cooling cycles to achieve an extended time at a temperature above the thermodynamically stable regime for GaN at a high N2 pressure to preserve the GaN.

This designed system would be supplied to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to support work for wide bandgap devices based on GaN materials. This work is funded by contract number N68335-20-C-0488 under the direction of Lynn Petersen.

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