Imperium-MOCVD control software is a modern Windows operating system based SCADA package for controlling MOCVD equipment and processes. It was developed for extending the life of Legacy MOCVD systems and upgrading these large capital investments with state of art control and data logging capabilities. Imperium-MOCVD is a direct replacement for Legacy Emcore, Veeco, Thomas Swan, Aixtron and Structured Material Inc. (SMI) OEM control software and offers many new features setting a new bar for MOCVD control flexibility.

Imperium main reactor screen displays system configuration and operations in real time.

Imperium main reactor screen displays system configuration and operations in real time.

Imperium-MOCVD™ control software offers a number of industry leading features and capabilities. Click below to open more information about reasons to upgrade to our advanced PLC based control system. Read more on the Modules Page to learn about Imperium’s advanced features.

Imperium is a SCADA application capable of controlling an monitoring any PLC based process equipment.

  • Manual or automated process control
  • Routines used for automated standard equipment operations
  • User created recipes automate process control and execution
  • Feedback control from user metrology available during recipe execution
  • Real-time or historical data plotting and analysis available
  • Powered by SQL database

IMG_6960LucisEffect (2)MOCVD hardware has a long life that can be significantly extended by upgrading to Imperium-MOCVD control software, affording maximum return on significant capital investments.

  • State of art replacement for control software no longer supported by OEM
  • Drop in replacement for Emcore/Veeco (EpiView, Nexus) and Thomas Swan/Aixtron control systems
  • Easy upgrade and transition process; 95% of software configuration done before onsite upgrade visit by FSE, 3-5 days of equipment downtime required for upgrade
  • Special or customer features available; may be provided at no cost or for a fee

Unmatched versatility and customizability; standard Imperium platform is capable of controlling any PLC based semiconductor process out of box

  • Imperium is intrinsically suitable for adaption to many types of PLC based equipment control applications
  • Out of box customization features allows users to easily add new devices, configure the device control parameters and then incorporate devices into system routines, recipes and alarms
  • Control modification can be done alone by users, with assistance from Agnitron or by Agnitron

Imperium-MOCVD is installed on MOCVD systems around the world for R&D and 24/7 production process control and monitoring.

  • Fully developed and qualified at Agnitron technology and with various industry partners
  • Formal testing and release program ensures stability and reliability
  • Robust testing cycles include stress, lifecycle and regression testing
  • Modular feature design means you only pay for capabilities that matter for your operations

The Imperium control platform is an active product with ongoing development and continuous support and maintenance services.

  • Standard 12 months warranty, support and maintenance packages offered with purchase of Imperium Control Software
  • Extended warranty, support and maintenance packages available: software updates, remote support, onsite support

Imperium is offered with a number of optional modules to allow customers to select important features and maximize value if some features are not important to their operation. Following is a list of the basic application features and the various optional modules. More information is available on the module page.

  • Closed loop feedback control of temperature
  • Piezocon/Epizon MO flow monitoring closed-loop gas flow feedback control
  • Stand-alone recipe editing station (supplied with PC or can be installed on user’s PC)
  • Remote system notifications (email, SMS)
  • EpiView recipe importing
  • Dynamic routines enable user to modify existing routines or create new
  • Device editor enables user to add new devices and incorporate them into GUI or routines/recipes and alarms
  • Take a closer look here

More on IMPERIUM-MOCVD Control Software

  • Superior to other software for unmatched customizibility, ease of use and support
  • Excels at controlling a variety of MOCVD systems including Veeco Legacy D125, D180, E300, E400, Thomas Swan/Aixtron 3×2″, 6×2″, Structured Materials (SMI) or even PLC based homebuilt systems
  • Unmatched out-of-the-box flexibility for users to configure layout and IOs
  • Built-in customization features for unique configurations ex. plasma sources, RF heating
  • Offered as a stand alone upgrade for all legacy MOCVD systems
  • Supports analog/digital PLC IO interfaces as well as DeviceNet platforms
  • Configurable for any PLC – commonly used with Allen Bradley, CTC, and OMRON
  • Safest control software available – safe state triggered if PLC/computer comm lost
  • Product of collaboration by MOCVD scientists, engineers, technicians and maintainers