Agnitron Supplying CVD/MOCVD Equipment for 2-D Materials Growth

Graphene sheetSince the isolation of Graphene in 2003 the scientific community has buzzed about the possibilities for this extraordinary material. In the time since the first exfoliation experiments this interest has grown to a larger class of 2-D materials due to unique electronic and optical properties some materials exhibit when isolated in atomic or a small number of atomic layers. Today interest in Graphene remains strong but also includes materials such as Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, Phosphorene or Black Phosphorus, Silicene (Silicon) and Boron Nitride. Many other 2-D materials have been hypothesized and discussed but those mentioned above have drawn most attention in recent time due to their potential application in future electronic and optoelectronic devices.

Agnitron has offered custom CVD and MOCVD equipment solutions to researchers around the world studying advanced epitaxial materials and nanostructures since 2008. These solutions have included configurations for growth of III-N, As/P, oxide, and antimonide materials using solid and gas phase precursors for a variety of applications. Furthermore, at Agnitron’s MOCVD Applications Laboratory exciting work has been performed and is ongoing under government and industrial research contracts to develop new hardware and process capabilities for specialized epitaxial growth of these materials. This broad expertise in the areas of materials science, process and equipment engineering serve as a platform from which Agnitron is now offering custom equipment solutions to the R&D community for CVD and MOCVD deposition of 2-D materials. The solutions can come in the form of custom OEM equipment or upgraded and refurbished MOCVD/CVD equipment with special modifications for new processes.

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