Agilis Single or Dual Chamber MOCVD R&D Platform

The Agilis MOCVD Equipment Series by Agnitron is a flexible R&D platform with configuration options to enable state-of-the-art growth for a variety of materials and with various single or dual growth chamber configurations. Available equipment configurations support growth of a wide range of materials: III-N, As/P, gallium oxide (β-Ga2O3), zinc oxide, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD), graphene and related 2-D material sets and many others.

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Agnitron Agilis MOCVD Equipment Series

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  • AlN
  • AlGaN
  • InGaN
  • III-V As/P alloys
  • ZnO
  • MgZnO
  • Gallium Oxide – β-Ga2O3
  • Graphene
  • Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMD): MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, WSe2,
  • Phosphorene (black phosphorus)
  • Can be configured for any material growth
  • Can be used for ALD

  • UV LEDs
  • HEMTs
  • Power electronic devices
  • 2-D materials

MoS2 Structure

Vertical Quartz Tube ReactorQuarts Reactor

  • Growth temperature: up to 1500°C
  • Wafer loading: 1×2″, 1×3″
  • Available with glovebox for atmosphere free wafer loading
  • Growth uniformity better than 5%
  • Specially designed for AlN growth and other low pressure processes

Stainless Steel Close Coupled Gas InjectorCCGI

  • Growth temperature: up to 1200°C
  • Wafer loading: 1×2″, 1×3″, 3×2″, 6×2″
  • Proprietary gas injection provides highly efficient gas consumption
  • Includes glovebox for atmosphere free wafer loading
  • Rotating disc design provides up to 1500 RPM and growth uniformity better than 1.5%

Stainless Steel Loadlocked ReactorHomeBannerC

  • Growth temperature: up to 1400°C
  • Wafer loading: 1×2″, 1×3″, 3×2″, 6×2″
  • Loadlocked chamber with turbo molecular pump ideal for use with As/P or other toxic gas processes
  • Rotating disc design provides up to 1500 RPM and growth uniformity better than 1.5%
  • ImperiumLogo150Steel frame with removable cabinet doors
  • Entire gas panel, reactor and exhaust system enclosed in facility exhausted system cabinet
  • Toxic/hazardous gas sensors and safety system
  • Segmented cabinet allows easier delivery and system placement in laboratory
  • Option of different reactors allows system to be specially configured for users process
  • IMPERIUM control software with DeviceNet or PLC I/O platform and MFCs, Baratrons and temperature controllers
  • Configurable source channels according to customer process requirementsa7604
  • Source channels offered with regular, dilution or double dilution network configurations
  • Compatible with solid precursor networks with line and valve heating up to 300°C
  • VCR metal seals used on all device and gas panel connections
  • Fast switching separate vent/run injection manifolds for different group precursors
  • Automatically pressure balanced vent/run lines
  • Switchable carrier gasses available
  • DeviceNet or analog communication for gas panel devices (MFCs/PCUs)
  • IMG_6646 with light added (2)Insitu metrology integrated with Imperium control software by kSA, LayTec or Veeco including: reflectometer, emissivity corrected pyrometer (ECP), substrate curvature measurement and others
  • Piezocon MO flow monitoring with automated feedback control of precursors flows during recipe execution
  • Closed loop feedback control of temperature with ECP
  • Dual reaction chamber in glovebox or with common load lock configurations

All Agnitron supplied MOCVD and CVD systems include comprehensive services to help customers quickly begin materials studies and keep equipment operating.

  • Facility preparation specification unique to each system, remote support and guidance for facility preparation included at no additional cost
  • Factory preshipment checkout and inspection of customers equipment to verify configurations and provide introductory operation and maintenance training
  • Onsite verification of facility connections and system startup, additional operation and maintenance training
  • Material growth demonstration according to agreed upon specification
  • Hardware and software warranties included in price
  • Ongoing support for hardware and software available
  • Preventive maintenance service plans available

The Agilis compact MOCVD system is offered as a complete turn-key solution available with matched system components based on your system and process needs including:

  • IMPERIUM-MOCVD  control software
  • Gas purifiers
  • Gas cabinets
  • Exhaust scrubbers
  • Process cooling water chillers
  • Hazardous gas detection safety systems
  • Engineering support for process development


Control Software Info Sheet
Imperium-MOCVD is a windows based software package developed for extending the life of proven legacy MOCVD systems and offers the latest in advanced process and equipment control technology..

Refurbished MOCVD Systems
In contrast to other legacy equipment vendors Agnitron offers already upgraded and customized systems located at out facility in Eden Prairie, MN. Systems are powered up and available for demonstration.

Custom MOCVD Systems
Agilis is a state-of-art compact R&D MOCVD platform offered with various reactor and hardware configurations for growth of III-N, As/P, II-VI, oxide or 2-D materials