Agnitron to present multiple papers at GOX 2023, the 6th U.S. Gallium Oxide Workshop in Buffalo, N.Y., August 13-16, 2023.

Agnitron will present two papers at the GOX 2023 workshop next month.  They will join at least 100 other researchers and scientists in Buffalo for this increasingly important gathering.

Ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors continue to make progress toward being a viable material for next generation RF and power devices.  Agnitron Technology has been a key player in research and growth of these materials and the MOCVD equipment to grow them.

Dr. Fikadu Alema will present a paper entitled, “Controllable Deep Acceptor Doping in MOCVD β-Ga2O3 to Compensate Parasitic Interface Charges.”  Dr. Alema is Agnitron’s chief scientist and has been working on these materials for ten years.  His recent work investigates the quality of the substrate and the epitaxial interface. This will help foster the development of higher quality materials necessary for developing real-world devices made of Ga2O3. He grows and studies these materials everyday at Agnitron’s HQ Labs located in Chanhassen, MN.

Dr. Andrei Osinsky, Agnitron’s CEO will present an invited paper entitled “Advances in the MOCVD Growth of β-Ga2O3 and Related Heterostructures.”  Dr. Osinsky is Agnitron’s founder and has been working on this material system for more than a dozen years.  He will highlight the path to record breaking materials characteristics as well as world record device results produced from the materials grown at Agnitron’s HQ Labs.

The Workshop’s website can be found at this link ( ) and as more groups work on this promising material system, this event will continue to expand.  Join the workshop for an exciting event.

Agnitron Technology, Inc. is a compound semiconductor technology company and supports MOCVD equipment-related needs of R&D and production users. Agnitron’s Agilis Series MOCVD equipment offers configurations which support material growth capabilities for III-N, As/P, oxide, 2-D/TMD and many other related materials. The Agilis β-Ga2Oconfiguration with single or multi-wafer loading capacity reactor options is now available for the general market. Agnitron also performs contract III-N and oxide R&D services at their MOCVD growth laboratory in Chanhassen, MN. Visit Agnitron’s website at or contact for more information about their products and services.

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