Agnitron Technology Releases Advanced MOCVD System Control Software and Automation

September 14, 2012, Eden Prairie, MN

Ultimate control, complete flexibility, supreme process stability.

Agnitron Technology, Inc. announces the deployment of its superior IMPERIUM Control Software and Automation on multiple production scale MOCVD systems. The advanced Control Software and Automation provides unparalleled versatility with simple steps for changing the software to reflect changes to hardware configuration – with or without Agnitron support. This MOCVD Control Software and Automation customization feature is only available in Agnitron’s software. The unique capabilities IMPERIUM-MOCVDTM provides to process engineers and operators have recently been showcased at several production sites as well as commercial and academic research facilities around the world.

Users of IMPERIUM Control Software and Automation enjoy a number of features that enhance system and process monitoring and control. The unique, flexible Graphical Schematic Display interface allows system users to configure and safely control and operate systems with confidence and ease. A feature rich recipe management tool set makes viewing and editing complex recipes fast and accurate. Multiple deployment options are available to allow IMPERIUM to interface with network based IO systems such as DeviceNet or traditional PLC IO platforms. Updating legacy hardware with an IMPERIUM control system enables state of the art processing at a fraction the cost of purchasing a completely new system.

President and CEO, Dr. Andrei Osinsky, talked about the key difference between IMPERIUM and other Control Software and Automation packages. “IMPERIUM Control Software and Automation sets the bar for enabling complete control over most any semiconductor industry processing equipment.” Osinsky cited the streamlined Graphical Schematic Display layout and easy to use application tabs as features that allow any user from administrators to operators to quickly, confidently and safely control the system. “One of the key distinguishing capabilities of IMPERIUM is its ability to be quickly customized for controlling unique hardware configurations. Customization is possible by tool owners themselves without releasing any hardware configuration information to outside parties, not even Agnitron.” Complete IMPERIUM training and support materials are provided with purchase of a control package from Agnitron as well as optional full or partial software setup.

The IMPERIUM Control Software and Automation family provides unparalleled configuration flexibility for tool owners. Three versions of the Control Software and Automation are offered: IMPERIUM-MOCVDTM, IMPERIUM-PLASMATM and IMPERIUM-PVDTM. Out-of-the-box customization features enable software setup to precisely match unique hardware setups. Configuration is supported for most major types of semiconductor industry processing equipment.

Agnitron Technology, Inc. specializes in developing emerging compound semiconductor material and device technologies into profitable commercial products as well as economical custom MOCVD equipment solutions. Their diverse team and partners draw from backgrounds in physics, materials science, semiconductor processing and electrical and mechanical engineering. Collectively, this team is credited with more than 400 published manuscripts and over 50 patents.

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