Agnitron Technology Accepting Orders For AlGaN Compact MOCVD System


Agnitron Technology Accepting Orders For AlGaN Compact MOCVD System

September 7, 2012, Eden Prairie, MN

Agnitron Technology, Inc. announced today that its development of the original state of the art compact MOCVD research and development system, known as Agilis, is complete. The small volume reactor system provides an economical choice to universities and research and development organizations looking for high temperature AlGaN, GaN or general III-Nitride growth capabilities. The compact size enables reduced startup costs for R&D work as well as significantly reduced operating costs as precursor consumption is greatly reduced.

Agilis is packed full of features typically only found on larger MOCVD systems but with the simplicity, convenience and economy of a compact system. The modular design provides versatility primed for research and development applications and makes switching between growth materials fast and simple. The vertical quartz tube reactors are available with one or three wafer succeptors for wafer sizes from 25-50mm. Water cooled reactor walls and base plate as well as separate injection for alkyls and hydrides deliver exceptional process control and stability. Induction heating enables epitaxial growth in high temperature models up to 1500°C with excellent temperature uniformity. An emissivity corrected pyrometer with feedback loop is used for precise control of the wafer temperature. Standard configuration for metal organic (MO) sources is provided with a capacity of up to five metal organic precursors.

Additionally, Agilis systems ship with the Agnitron’s IMPERIUM-MOCVDTM Control Software and Automation which is the premier MOCVD control system available in the world. IMPERIUM-MOCVDTM Control Software and Automation offers a number of features that enhance system and process monitoring and control. The unique, flexible Graphical Schematic Display interface allows system users to configure and safely control and operate systems with confidence and ease. A feature rich recipe management tool set makes viewing and editing complex recipes fast and accurate. Standard features of IMPERIUM-MOCVDTM provide unparalleled safety by means of safe state commanding in the event of lost system communication. The IMPERIUM family of software is highly customizable and capable of controlling various types of MOCVD and other semiconductor processing systems. Please visit the IMPERIUM-MOCVDTM page for more information.

Agnitron Technology’s compact MOCVD system is the most advanced compact AlGaN, GaN and other III-Nitrides growth system in the world. The Agilis system provides the best choice for economical MOCVD research and development without sacrificing process capabilities or features found on larger systems. The system is especially suited for development of UV LEDs, laser diodes, and high electron mobility transistors (HEMT).

Agnitron Technology, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is located in Eden Prairie, MN. They specialize in developing emerging compound semiconductor material and device technologies into profitable commercial products as well as economical custom MOCVD equipment solutions. Their diverse team and partners draw from backgrounds in physics, materials science, semiconductor processing and electrical and mechanical engineering. Collectively, this team is credited with more than 400 published manuscripts and over 50 patents. Visit for more information.

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