Agnitron Technology Announces III-N HVPE System


Agnitron Technology Announces III-N HVPE System

February 27, 2013, Eden Prairie, MN

Agnitron Technology, Inc. announced today its latest epitaxial equipment offering. The Aura Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) System is an Agnitron original design, state-of-the-art research and development system for III-N material growth. Aura’s economical system platform is optimized to grow from microns to hundreds of microns thick GaN and other III-N layers on 2″ to 4″ wafers. These thick layers are ideal for MOCVD or MBE starting substrate materials for advanced optoelectronics or high-power electronics device structures.

The Aura HVPE system was inspired by needs of researchers including design elements that limit gas consumption and deliver a system that is affordable to startup and has a low cost of ownership. Aura’s design is optimized for reproducibility of all HVPE processes with special focus on multi-layer structures and thick layer growth. Parasitic deposition is generally the main obstacle that limits thick layer growth in HVPE reactors. Aura delivers highly reproducible growth with reactor and furnace units that are specially designed to control and minimize parasitic deposition on reactor walls and to avoid clogging the exhaust line. Additionally, the reactor quartz-ware is designed for fast and easy disassembly for service and maintenance. The system’s modular design also allows for swappable or multiple reactors making it the most flexible III-N HPVE platform available.

“High quality starting substrates are critical for growth of superior epitaxial material in commonly used MOCVD and MBE processes. The new design concept of the Aura HVPE system delivers premium starting substrates among other capabilities to groups active in III-N materials and devices. And it does so in a flexible, economical package,” commented Agnitron Technology Principle Scientist, Alexander Usikov. Dr. Usikov has more than 25 years experience developing III-N and HVPE technology and led development of the Aura system. He went on to mention that Aura’s versatility distinguishes it from systems offered by other suppliers. “Aura’s flexible platform enables easily swappable reactors or systems with multiple reactors for customers that seek to eliminate dopant cross contamination.” Prior to joining Agnitron, Dr. Usikov was at Technologies and Devices International (TDI) (acquired 2008 – Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology) for 10 years where he developed HVPE growth technology for investigation of AlGaN-based layers and multi layers structures.

Agnitron Technology’s Aura HVPE system is the most flexible and economical III-N HVPE growth system available. The platform is ideal for growth of cost-effective III-N templates that can be used as starting substrates for high power HEMTs, UV LEDs and other heterostructures. It can also be used to create free standing GaN substrates. Additionally, Aura is capable of complete device structure growth for devices such as UV LEDs, Schottky diodes and photodetectors. For more information about the Aura HVPE system contact Ross Miller, Technology Development Manager, at or visit

Agnitron Technology, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is located in Eden Prairie, MN. They are providers of a range of epitaxial growth equipment including the Agilis Compact MOCVD System, Aura HVPE System and IMPERIUMTM Control Software and Automation. Agnitron also specializes in developing emerging compound semiconductor material and device technologies into profitable commercial products. They offer photodetectors and GaN template substrates through their website:

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