Agnitron Funded By DoD To Study Growth Of Gallium Oxide Heterostructures

Agnitron has expanded their β-Ga2O3 R&D efforts to study incorporation of Aluminum for the purpose of enabling bandgap engineering within the material system. The Phase I program is funded by the Air Force and builds off of related work described in a past update here.

Through our team’s decades of film deposition experience and recent MOCVD oxide growth efforts, Agnitron has developed a deep understanding of oxide crystal growth dynamics and techniques as further detailed in several articles listed on our Publications Page. These activities have also spurred development of a proprietary gas injection technique for efficient growth of oxide films. This equipment innovation among others is an important aspect of leading edge β-Ga2O3 material study as it delivers high growth rates needed for power device R&D and has not been previously demonstrated by other growth reactors available on the market. Agnitron offers MOCVD growth equipment with the same configuration used to produce their work published in recent articles.

The effort again combines world renowned crystal growth and material science expertise from UCSB with Agnitron’s strong track record of MOCVD equipment innovation and custom MOCVD equipment solution development; UCSB is led by Professor James Speck.

Contact Agnitron for more information about our oxide growth programs or MOCVD equipment for oxide film growth.

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