Released: Third Generation Imperium-MOCVD Control Software and Automation

Final testing has just been completed for Agnitron’s third generation release of Imperium-MOCVDTM. The Windows 7 based Control Software and Automation package is an EpiView replacement and offers all standard features users of EpiView are accustomed to plus with many new more advanced capabilities. Some of the new features in this new release include the following.

  • Updated system routine editor
  • Updated plotting module for reviewing real-time or saved process data
  • EpiView recipe and configuration file import capability
  • Hydride and alkyl source monitoring
  • New software interlocks for safety conditions
  • New features for insitu monitoring and temperature control
  • New user friendly improvements and updated graphics

Imperium-MOCVDTM is fully customizable for unique hardware configurations or for control of system other than MOCVD systems such as HVPE, PVD, CVD or other processing platforms. Visit for more information or contact

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