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For the advancement of the field Agnitron has been developing a new R&D process system for ultra-high pure GaN.

In response to increased demand, for large production scale ß-Ga2O3 MOCVD Agnitron is now offering the Agilis GOX300 with 5 x 4-inch diameter wafers capability. The new Agilis GOX300 system is designed to provide repeatable and reproducible growth processes to the highest industry standard. Including the uniformity of deposition thickness all with minimal particle count. The system will be capable of loading wafer carriers into the system at any given time for efficient steady state campaign operations of up to 4x wafer carriers using an industry standard automated robotic arm operating in a high vacuum transfer chamber which features dwell stations for loading and unloading of platters with wafers. The Agilis GOX300 technology is based on the highly developed Rotating Disc Reactor (RDR) vertical growth chamber designed by Agnitron. The unique feature of the RDR is that the flow dynamics represses recirculation leaving the sensitive areas above and around the wafer carrier clean and free of deposition; furthermore, through material science and design engineering, deposition throughout the rest chamber are less apt to find its way to the wafer surface. The GOX300 RDR by design can accommodate a wide variety of wafer sizes and configurations which vary based on customer requirements. This design was recently implemented in Agnitron’s bestselling fully automated large production MOCVD system the A300, that is designed to grow As/P based material systems. Tools are installed worldwide growing AlGaAs and InGaAlP alloys that are repeatable and reproduceable to the highest industry standard. Based on constant customer feedback and new industry demand for the A300 Series system, Agnitron has evolved the system to improve the repeatability and the versatility for a tunable process from one batch to another. The GOX300 was the rational next step for Agnitron. This system combines our experience with fully automated large production MOCVDs (A300), with our expertise in ß-Ga2O3, proven in our world beating results obtained on the Agilis series. The release of this large production tool will help to spur the development of ß-Ga2O3 optoelectronic and power devices. The current record setting multi-wafer configurations are small, however they were successfully scaled up for the GOX300 whilst maintaining the material quality, in order to trim epitaxial costs.

Agnitron has been working with the military (AFRL & ONR) on advancing GaN growth processes for power device technology. Agnitron is currently building an advanced equipment system capable of activating the p-type GaN material for a wafer of at least 4″ in diameter for making ultra-high power vertical power electronic switches.

Agnitron is currently building a system that is capable of uniformly heating up to a 4” ø region from 1,000°C to 1,500 °C in under one second. Immediately afterwards the susceptor would uniformly cool back down to under 1000 °C in less than an additional second. The thermal annealing cycles could then be repeated until the p-type is activated. The system can operate in a pressurized environment up to 100 atm and can achieve a steady state maximum heat of 2,500 °C.

Agnitron has plans to design a new plenum style oxide showerhead that will work for the Agilis series tools.

Agnitron has future plans to design an extremely efficient dual chamber HVPE system for As/P alloys.

Agnitron has future plans to design a uniform diamond crystal growth for the semiconductor industry.

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