Agilis 100

Customizable compact MOCVD designed to meet your R&D requirements

MOCVD in Edina

Can grow suited for various AlN, AlGaN, GaN, InGaN, MgZnO, ZnO, III-IV compounds, TMD [MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, WSe], 2D BN, Phosphorene, SiC, and ß-Ga2O3.

Reactor size can vary to fit up to 3” ø wafers.

Vertical geometry with showerhead. With multiple showerhead configurations.
Possible ALD configuration available if requested.
Ideal for R&D materials and structure as well as making opto-electronic and electronic devices.
REMOVE- leading to the future application of UV LEDs, HEMTs, LDs, MWQs, SLSs, Power electronic devices, and 2-D materials.
Custom made to fit your individual requirements, budget, and facility constraints.
Source channels offered with regular, diluted, or double diluted network configurations.
Compatible with solid precursor networks with line and valve heating up to 100 °C.
Fast switching separate vent / run injection manifolds for different group precursors.
Automatically pressure balanced vent / run lines.
Switchable carrier gasses available.
DeviceNet communication for gas panel devices (MFCs / PCUs).
Close injection (CIS) and / or remote injection showerhead (RIS) available.
Can install up to 8 sources per gas cabinet.
Additional cabinet for more MO sources can be added per the modular design with up to 12 MO souces.
Modular design allows for switching MO sources in minutes.
Compact design provides reliable processing and requires minimal maintenance.
Segmented cabinet allows for easier delivery and system placement in laboratory.
Entire gas panel / reactor / exhaust system / electronic panels are all enclosed in the facility exhausted system cabinets.
Versatility enables rapid and economical material growth for research and material concept demonstration.
CVD / MOCVD growth experiments with UV light exposure available.
System can be specifically optimized to necessary Suitable of low-pressure processes.
Optimize to minimize gas phase reaction. This allows for the growth of materials that are typically difficult in standard
Special custom configuration Could fit multiple reaction chambers within glovebox.

Wafer speeds up to 1100 RPM.

Induction heating capable of heating the wafer carrier up to 1700 °C for specific system configurations.

Two systems can be connected via a transfer arm to double the capabilities of the system.

Can be designed with glovebox for atmosphere free wafer loading.
System can be configured to utilize pump and purge glovebox and antechamber.

Please see parts / services tab in Agnitron’s website.
Agnitron sells custom wafer carrier designs that can be optimally designed to meet customer specifications.
*Present examples of 3” / 2” / Square custom / Square custom with bump*
Both showerheads come with wafer cleaning capabilities to extend lifetime of the wafer carriers.

Precision control and awareness of system performance are critical to advanced processing:

Agnitron supplied MOCVD systems are integrated with Imperium® Process Control Software and Automation and Beckhoff Automation PLC hardware. This combination represents a robust architecture with tremendous flexibility to support your process wherever your data leads with digital device communication enhancing recipe editing and data analysis.

Combine the power of advanced metrology and Imperium® for precision monitoring and control:

Imperium® Control Packages can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of in-situ metrology tools such as reflectometry and Emissivity Compensated Pyrometry (ECP) from all leading suppliers for monitoring and / or feedback control operation. Of course, Agnitron’s own leading ECP (AgniTemp®) is available to all customers as well. To increase temperature stability and process reproducibility Imperium® is offered with closed-loop feedback control of temperature during recipe execution using either emissivity corrected, or non-emissivity corrected pyrometers.

Safety is paramount and reliability is key:

System includes hazardous gas detection and safety alarms. The Imperium Control Software and Automation and Beckhoff PLC architecture offers a streamlined Windows OS based control environment and supports all industry standard analog and digital device and drive communication protocols. The Beckhoff proprietary TwinCat3 environment offers a software-based PLC function to ensure maximum control system stability. Even to the extent that if window’s environment “blue screens” during recipe execution of the system, the process will continue to run autonomously unaffected and complete the run safely

Using latest industry automation control communication for gas panel devices (MFCs / PCUs).

All purchased Agilis 100 MOCVD systems include the following standard factory and field support services to help customers quickly start materials study and keep equipment operating:

  • Operation and maintenance training at Agnitron facility
  • Pre-shipment qualification and checkout
  • Documentation and remote support for facility requirements/preparation
  • System startup and growth demo at customer site
  • Standard bronze system warranty (upgradeable per request)

Ongoing parts and field services support. This is helped Agnitron maintains a seasoned staff of mechanical engineers and technicians as well as Chemical Engineer trained process engineers. The Agnitron team has more than a century of experience in the principals alone. Agnitron provides a long-term approach to its spares and service business, and we can accommodate a variety of arrangements to be sure our customers are sufficiently supported remotely and on-site.
One of the best ways to keep any MOCVD tool at peak production is through preventive maintenance. Agnitron supports these services worldwide as well.

These great results have been all grown on Agnitron OEM R&D specialized MOCVD systems. Currently Agnitron offers 3 separate MOCVDs designed for the growth of ß-Ga2O3: Agilis 100, 500, and 700 series. The Agilis 100 is a single wafer R&D MOCVD for wafers up to 3 inches in diameter, the 500 is sized for up to 5 x 2-inch diameter wafers, and the 700 is sized for up to 7 x 2 -inch diameter wafers. All systems come with our record setting recipes / processes and decades of stress free and low-cost future equipment support / maintenance.

All systems are capable of wafer rotation up to 1,500 RPM and now come with available close injection showerhead (CIS) gas distribution systems based on customer specification. The close injection shower head allows for the minimization of gas phase reaction of precursors which are used for growth of oxide materials. The Agilis 100 is the only system that is also offered with a remote injection showerhead (RIS). The Agilis systems utilize either restive or induction heating depending on the configuration of the system model. For the Agilis 100, induction heating is used, which allows for the temperatures of the wafer carrier to get up to 1,700 °C based on customer specification. The multi-wafer Agilis 500 and 700 tools both utilize resistive heaters with the option of a multi-zone heater. This heater configuration allows for each zone actively controlled with either Emissivity Compensated Pyrometry (ECP) or thermocouples based on specification to be within +/- 0.2 °C.

The Agilis 100 has just been updated to its latest generation of reactor design for the growth of ß-Ga2O3. These latest generational updates include but are not limited to a larger maximum wafer size (up to 3” diameter), much faster rotation (1,500 RPM available for first time on Agilis 100), and further improvements in the gas injection to provide the process conditions needed to achieve world class ß-Ga2O3 material growth including a brand-new CIS (Close injection Showerhead) for ß-Ga2O3 growth. Customers attracted in a dual module system, two separate Agilis systems, can now be combined via a transfer mechanism in vacuum through the loading chamber to double the capabilities of the system. Agnitron’s academic research clients appreciate the flexibility of the Agilis systems for their boundless potential for versatile experimentations. The Agilis platform is extremely configurable, and all systems incorporate a vertical reactor geometry that can be reconfigured for the growth of various materials besides just ß-Ga2O3 such as: AlN, AlGaN, GaN, InGaN, MgZnO, ZnO, III-IV compounds, TMD[MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, WSe], 2-D BN, Phosphorene, and SiC. The Agilis modular design can be fitted with up to 12 MO sources and will have the capability for switching of MO sources in minutes. All systems are available with source channels offered with regular, diluted, or double diluted network configurations along with fast switching separate vent / run injection manifolds for different group and dopant precursors. The Agilis system is always offered with automatically pressure balanced vent / run lines with industry leading rapid switching software control. Additionally, an ALD configuration is available if requested. The Agilis systems can be custom fit to match with an individual’s requirements, budget, and facility constraints. All three Agilis models feature the same dimensional compact footprint. This design provides for reliable processing and requires minimal maintenance. Specification customization to customer preferences has been a key to our success. It is to be accommodated whenever possible!

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