Another A300 Laser Diode tool ships from Agnitron

Another A300 Laser Diode tool ships from Agnitron.

Agnitron has shipped another newly built A300 tool to one of its flagship customers.  This is a  current customer who needed to expand their fleet of MOCVD tools.  It will be deployed to drive product development and device deliveries.  They chose Agnitron for this expansion based on its outstanding relationship between the two companies.  The tool is capable of growth on 21 X 2”, 8 X 3”, 5 X 4”, or a single 6” wafer.  Customers enjoy the flexibility of the tool this particular tool, which allows the multiple wafer sizes for different materials without doing tool modifications.

The A300 can be used to grow all manner of As/P based epitaxial materials. Devices such as lasers for optical communications, optical sensors for the medical industry, solar cells for land and space based applications.  In addition, advanced chips for cellular phones and hardware are produced on this equipment.  The versatility of Agnitron and its MOCVD growth reactors is key for these applications and enabling to customer’s portfolios.

Agnitron is dynamic and nimble supplier providing its customers rapid support, both in its Chanhassen, MN factory and in the field at its customer’s facilities.   Agnitron supports customers with processes utilizing materials such as As/P, GaN, GaO with all the associated alloys, and other novel materials as well.  In addition to being a supplier of this advanced equipment, it also has an extensive, well-equipped laboratory at its headquarters and does a bevy growth experiments for various customers including a variety of national labs and research facilities.

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