Agnitron’s Latest Cover Story “Superior Showerheads” in Compound Semiconductor Magazine

Compound SemiconductorAgnitron Technology proudly announces the publication of its latest cover story titled “Superior Showerheads” in Volume 30, Issue 1 of Compound Semiconductor Magazine for the year 2024. This feature highlights Agnitron’s groundbreaking advancements in MOCVD (Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology. The particular focus is on the patent pending Gen III Close Injection Showerhead (CIS).

The  article delves into the transformative impact of wide and ultra-wide bandgap materials, such as AlN, Ga2O3, and ScAlN on power electronics.  Agnitron’s Gen III CIS showerhead is showcased for its ability to unlock the potential of these materials, offering superior growth rates, unmatched uniformity, and exceptional surface quality exceeding production standards on the Agilis R&D platform.

Key highlights of the article include:

  • Introduction to Agnitron’s expanding portfolio of OEM semiconductor growth tools, including MOCVD, CVD, and HVPE technologies.
  • Details on the innovative Gen III CIS showerhead, which addresses persistent hardware challenges in epitaxial semiconductor material growth.
  • Results from extensive testing, demonstrating enhanced performance in Ga2O3 and AlN growth, showcasing remarkable thickness uniformity and surface smoothness.
  • Insights into the significance of Ga2O3 and ScAlN materials for next-generation power devices and microwave transistors, along with Agnitron’s contributions in advancing their growth processes.

Agnitron’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of materials growth is evident through its innovative tools and technologies, paving the way for advancements in power electronics. By focusing on continuous innovation, Agnitron aims to support its customers in bringing high-quality products to market faster and more reliably.

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