Agnitron Technology Introduces Pyroelectric Coefficient Measurement Platform

Agnitron Technology, Inc. announced today the recent delivery of a state of the art metrology tool to the Air Force Research Laboratory Aerospace Components & Subsystems Technology Division (AFRL/RYD) in Dayton, Ohio. The Pyro-1000 Pyroelectric Coefficient Measurement System provides pyroelectric coefficient measurement capabilities in support of research interests within AFRL’s Electro-Optic Components Branch and is now being offered as a regular product by Agnitron Technology.

The Pyro-1000 platform utilizes a dynamic capacitance technique to measure pyroelectric induced surface charging during sample temperature modulation. This measurement then enables calculation of a sample material’s pyroelectric coefficient. The bench-top measurement platform is designed to be used for study of thin-film pyroelectric material samples ranging from a few millimeters on a side to several square centimeters. Due to the small signal nature of pyroelectric induced charge, the Pyro-1000 utilizes advanced board and system level low-noise design features to facilitate measurement of picoamp scale signals.

“Pyroelectric coefficient measurement capability is central to pyroelectric material study,” remarked Agnitron Director of Technology Development, Ross Miller. “A highly sensitive and stable pyroelectric coefficient measurement platform is a key capability for groups wanting to study thin-film crystal structures and orientations for optimizing pyroelectric properties. The Pyro-1000 offers this unique measurement capability at a low-cost.” Miller also added that to the best of his knowledge, the Pyro-1000 is the first pyroelectric coefficient measurement system available commercially.

Multiple Pyro-1000 configurations are available to accommodate a range of budgets and different measurement capabilities such as wide temperature ranges and optically induced temperature modulation. A Pyro-1000 product page will be posted soon with more information on the Agnitron Technology company website.

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