Agnitron Receives Order for E300LDM Imperium- MOCVD Control Software and Automation Upgrade


The appeal of Agnitron’s Imperium-MOCVD™ continues to grow its ability to give new life to the well know D and E series Emcore/Veeco MOCVD platforms. Agnitron has received its latest Imperium- MOCVD™ upgrade order for an E300 system in the Eastern U.S. The Imperium platform is a Windows 7 based package and is used for controlling MOCVD systems. For the E-series platforms, carrier transfer robot control is integrated into Imperium meaning no change to robot functionality or control options with the transition to the state of art control platform. IMPERIUM-MOCVD™ is a direct EpiView™ replacement and offers many new features setting a new bar for MOCVD control flexibility. It was developed in response to demand for upgrading legacy MOCVD tools for state of the art processing and affords new life to equipment no longer supported by the OEM. Visit our Gen 3 Imperium-MOCVDTM Control Software and Automation page to view current information, as we offer a brochure and data sheet for customer inspection. Contact us today to setup an online live Imperium demo.

We at Agnitron Technology, Inc. specialize in developing emerging compound semiconductor material and device technologies into profitable commercial products as well as economical custom MOCVD equipment solutions. Our diverse team and partners draw from backgrounds in physics, materials science, semiconductor processing and electrical and mechanical engineering. Collectively, this team is credited with more than 400 published manuscripts and over 50 patents. Visit for more information.

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