Agnitron featured on the cover of “Compound Semiconductor” magazine; feature article on, “Taking Ga2O3 to the next level.”

Agnitron Technology and Compound Semiconductor Magazine have shared several technical exchanges over the years. In years past, articles have featured the state-of-the-art material science work being done at Agnitron HQ.  Its in-house laboratory and its unique technologies have been featured.  This month that cooperation continues, however it includes two of Agnitron’s talented customers and collaborators.  The University of California at Santa Barbara and Cornell University are both doing world class work with their Agnitron systems.  The article highlights work they have accomplished with Agnitron Technology’s tools and their respective know-how.  Agnitron’s headquarters, located in Chanhassen, MN, has an extensive laboratory with multiple tools supporting the work of its customers.  In fact, it produces world-record Ga2O3 material.  Agnitron’s CEO Andrei Osinsky comments, “We staff a world-class laboratory in order to help push the window of the technologies we provide to our equipment customers and collaborators”.

Agnitron Technology has provided cutting-edge semiconductor equipment and technology solutions now for > 15 years.   It has focused on the advancement in the Gallium Oxide materials.  The article while highlighting the company’s comprehensive range of equipment and solutions, also includes a glimpse of its most recent product, the new compact mini-Agilis 50HT™.  A cost effective and versatile MOCVD reactor system for R&D groups.  The first tool in this category has been produced to grow SiC at >1700°C.

Agnitron’s commitment to innovation and customer service has set the company apart in the industry. Agnitron is proud of the accomplishments outlined in the article and is excited to share its groundbreaking work with readers and industry experts.  It appreciates the contribution of its customers to this publication.

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