Agnitron Competitively Selected by NRL to Supply MOCVD System


November 11, 2013, Eden Prairie, MN


Agnitron Technology, Inc. announced today the receipt of order from the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) for a Gallium Nitride (GaN) MOCVD system. The R&D scale platform will be delivered with a number of upgrades from its standard configuration such as gas panel improvements, the latest in-situ metrology capabilities, as well as Agnitron’s proprietary IMPERIUM-MOCVD™ Control Software and Automation. The order was placed by NRL after an open bid and competitive selection process.

Included in the system configuration is an advanced kSA ICE (Integrated Control for Epitaxy) in-situ temperature and reflectance measurement tool provided by k-Space and Associates, Inc. of Dexter, Michigan. The kSA ICE system uses an integrated optics design and high speed electronics tailored for real-time MOCVD process monitoring and provides patented blackbody temperature measurement and reflectance data for film growth analysis.  The kSA system is also upgradeable to curvature, stress, and bow measurement capabilities via its modular design.  Features in Agnitron’s IMPERIUM-MOCVD™ Control Software and Automation enable feedback of k-Space tool temperature, reflectance, and curvature data for integrated process control.

Agnitron currently has a number of refurbished and upgraded MOCVD systems ready for customer inspection and demonstration. Visit our Refurbished and Upgraded MOCVD Systems page to view current inventory.

k-Space Associates, Inc., is a leading supplier to the surface science and thin-film technology industries. Since 1992, they’ve delivered the most advanced thin-film metrology tools and software thanks to close collaboration with our worldwide customer base. Visit for more information.

Agnitron Technology, Inc. specializes in developing emerging compound semiconductor material and device technologies into profitable commercial products as well as economical custom MOCVD equipment solutions. Visit for more information.


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