Agnitron Technology offers a line of visible-blind and solar-blind UV photodetectors based on GaN and AlGaN materials. These detectors have applications in many areas including:

  • UV dosimetry and imaging including solar UV measurements, astronomical studies, UV curing and water purification
  • Flame sensors for missile plume detection and combustion engine control
  • Spatial optical communications such as intra- and inter-satellite secured communications
  • Biological and chemical sensors for ozone detection, determination of pollution levels in air, biological agents detection etc.

The ultraviolet (UV) light spectral range is from the visible (400 nm, 3.1 eV) and reaches the X-ray spectral low energy range (10 nm, 124 eV). It is divided in 4 spectral regions given the following classifications.

  • UV-A: wavelengths between 400 and 320 nm (from 3.1 to 3.87 eV)
  • UV-B: wavelengths between 320 et 280 nm (from 3.87 to 4.43 eV)
  • UV-C: wavelengths between 280 et 200 nm (from 4.43 to 6.20 eV)
  • Far-UV: wavelengths between 200 et 10 nm ( from 6.2 to 124 eV)

Agnitron Technology Schottky photodetectors are grown using metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). This preferred production scale technique enables extreme flexibility and precise III-N growth capabilities. Our deep knowledge of device design for low noise, low leakage and high performance photodetectors as well as vast experience with MOCVD processing and equipment engineering provides detectors with sharp cutoffs and exceptional out of band rejection. Detector cutoffs can be tuned to customer requirement but are available in a series of standard wavelength ranges that are tuned for UV-A, UV-B and UV-C detections applications.

Agnitron Photodetector Products Include:

  • Individual detectors
  • Detectors with integrated amplifiers and band-cutoff or band-pass filters
  • Detector modules with electronics and optical cables for power monitoring
  • Single element detectors or customized detector arrays

Contact us by email or phone for more information at or 952-937-7505.

The following publications were written by Agnitron staff and provide additional information on our photodetectors.

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Control Software Info Sheet
Imperium-MOCVD™ is a windows based software package developed for extending the life of proven legacy MOCVD systems and offers the latest in advanced process and equipment control technology.

MOCVD System Upgrades
In contrast to other legacy equipment vendors Agnitron offers already upgraded and customized systems located at out facility in Eden Prairie, MN. Systems are powered up and available for demonstration.

Compact MOCVD System
Agilis is a state-of-art compact R&D MOCVD platform offered with various reactor and hardware configurations for growth of III-V, III-N, II-VI or oxide materials.