Agnitron Technology is actively developing several revolutionary material and device technologies. On-site MOCVD growth capabilities enable rapid demonstration of novel techniques utilizing transitional multilayered crystal structures to attain low-cost and high-quality III-V material growth on silicon substrates. In-house advanced device modeling capabilities facilitate optimization of conventional AlN-GaN device designs for normally-off HEMT operation.

Advanced Techniques for Growth of GaN on Silicon

Silicon is considered to be the most attractive substrate material for fabricating large-area cost-sensitive semiconductor devices. Clear cost competitive advantages similarly exist for fabrication of large-area wide bandgap devices such as high power electronic switches and HB LEDs. However, a large thermal expansion coefficient and lattice mismatch exists between GaN and Si. These contrasting material properties cause many challenges for growing low dislocation device quality GaN on Si substrates. A major portion of our research and development is focused on developing techniques for growing III-N materials, namely GaN on Si substrates.

  • Application of new strain management multi component alloys for buffer and transition layers
  • Application of innovative multicomponent alloy heterostructures for strain reduction in transitional layers
  • Proprietary Si-GaN transition technology provides cost-effective large-area device fabrication
  • Epitaxial growth techniques for promise to deliver low-cost high-power electronic switches

Optimized III-N and Normally-Off HEMT Devices

A significant market need exists for low-cost high-power electronic switching capabilities. The development of wide band gap compound semiconductor materials shows promise to deliver this performance. Most of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) compound semiconductor devices used today have been adapted from conventional designs. A major opportunity exists for optimizing these device designs for the unique properties of wide bandgap materials. Agnitron’s current device design optimization projects focus on the following.

  • Device modeling and simulation
  • Management of crystal polarization fields and induced doping
  • Bandgap engineering, heterostructure strain and heat dissipation
  • Normally-off HEMT device designs
  • Implementation of CMOS technology in the III-Nitride material system

Fabrication and Test of High Power Devices

Agnitron is collaborating with leading academic research groups on high-power device fabrication and testing. Agnitron is adopting newly developed database wafer testing techniques for on wafer testing and data analysis.


Control Software Info Sheet
Imperium-MOCVD™ is a windows based software package developed for extending the life of proven legacy MOCVD systems and offers the latest in advanced process and equipment control technology.

MOCVD System Upgrades
In contrast to other legacy equipment vendors Agnitron offers already upgraded and customized systems located at out facility in Eden Prairie, MN. Systems are powered up and available for demonstration.

Compact MOCVD System
Agilis is a state-of-art compact R&D MOCVD platform offered with various reactor and hardware configurations for growth of III-V, III-N, II-VI or oxide materials.