One of Agnitron Technology’s strategic objectives is to develop and bring to market innovative solutions in the following areas.

Materials And Devices With Superior Performance

  • Optimized III-N and Normally-Off HEMT Devices
  • Efficiency enhancement of high brightness LEDs through improved processing and material/device optimization
  • Novel material applications for uncooled non temperature-stabilized pyroelectric bolometers
  • Monolithically-integrated solar-blind dual-band UV-IR sensing devices
  • Advanced device designs for enhanced power conversion efficiency
  • Performance enhancing solutions for UV photodetectors and chemical sensors
  • Innovative applications of polarization phenomenon in semiconductor heterostructures
  • Advanced oxide and oxynitride heterostructures

MOCVD/HVPE Custom Systems

  • Isolated gas injection flow flange
  • Advanced control systems for semiconductor processing – IMPERIUM-PLASMA™, IMPERIUM-PVD™
  • High temperature induction heating for multi wafer rotating disk reactors


Control Software Info Sheet
Imperium-MOCVD™ is a windows based software package developed for extending the life of proven legacy MOCVD systems and offers the latest in advanced process and equipment control technology.

MOCVD System Upgrades
In contrast to other legacy equipment vendors Agnitron offers already upgraded and customized systems located at out facility in Eden Prairie, MN. Systems are powered up and available for demonstration.

Compact MOCVD System
Agilis is a state-of-art compact R&D MOCVD platform offered with various reactor and hardware configurations for growth of III-V, III-N, II-VI or oxide materials.