System Information:

Manufacturer: EMCORE
Year Manufactured: 2003
Condition: Ready for refurbishment
Status: Available
Location: Chanhassen, MN


Equipment Configuration:

Material Growth Configuration: Gallium Nitride (GaN), III-N materials
Wafer Loading Capacity: 3×2″
Control System: Imperium-MOCVDTM Controls


Standard Upgrades:

  • Complete system checkout and system returned to OEM operating specification
  • OEM certified rebuild of all critical system components
  • Professional cleaning of critical process components
  • Replacement of obsolete and unsupported electronics and control system components
  • Control system upgrade to Imperium-MOCVDTM  Control Software


Available Optional Upgrades:

  • High temperature heater assembly
  • Insitu metrology from kSA, LayTec or Veeco with feedback control integrated with Imperium-MOCVDTM  Control Software
  • Fast switching manifold upgrades for ALD style injection and deposition capabilities
  • Gas panel modifications for unique process capabilities
  • Configuration modification of source dilution networks (regular, dilution, double dilution)
  • Pressure balancing device upgrades for lower dead space volumes on gas panel
  • Metal organic source flow monitoring by Piezocon or equivalent devices with automatic feedback control of flow during recipe execution



Call or email for pricing information:; +1 952-937-7505.


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