Agnitron News

01 Dec 18

Agnitron Selected By AFOSR For Phase II Project

A 2017 Air Force (AFRL) SBIR Phase I program “Development of Ga2O3 Epitaxial Layers and Heterostructures for Power Device Applications” awarded Agnitron Technology for the study of Aluminum incorporation in…

20 Nov 15
Agnitron To Participate In Fall MRS Meeting

Agnitron to Participate in Fall MRS Meeting

Agnitron Technology will be making a presentation on their latest growth work for high Mg content MgZnO films at the Fall MRS meeting. The presented results are part of the…

07 Aug 14
Agnitron Selected By DoD For Phase II Project

Agnitron Selected By DoD For Phase II Project

Agnitron Technology was recently notified their Phase II STTR program titled Solar Blind MgZnO Photodetectors has been selected by the Army Research Office (ARO) for negotiation. In the Phase I…

11 Jul 14

Veeco And Agnitron Form Partnership For R&D MOCVD

Veeco Instruments, Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO) has announced today on its website the formation of a strategic partnership with Agnitron Technology for offering refurbished MOCVD systems and upgraded software controls for…

09 May 14
Agnitron Wins DoE Research Contract

Agnitron Wins DoE Research Contract

Agnitron Technology has announced their recent funding proposal, titled “Investigation of Donor and Acceptor Ion Implantation in AlN,” has been selected for a Phase I program by the Department of Energy (DoE)…

01 May 14
Agnitron Selected For NASA Research Contract

Agnitron Selected for NASA Research Contract

Agnitron Technology announced today their Phase I proposal, titled “Radiation Hard Multichannel AlN/GaN HEMT for High Efficiency X- and Ka-Band Power Amplifiers”, submitted under the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…

06 Sep 13

BluGlass Raises LED Ambitions

Following federal funds, BluGlass is eyeing GaN on silicon LED markets. BluGlass now hopes to take its remote plasma CVD process to LED and power electronics markets. [Credit: BluGlass] In…

13 Aug 13

Sapphire Substrates To Lead Future LED Markets

Come 2020, US analyst business, Lux Research, predicts sapphire-based LEDs will still dominate a multi-billion dollar LED lighting industry. Compound Semiconductor finds out why. With LED lighting forecast to become…

12 Jun 13

LED Patents Monopolize III-Nitride Technology

June 10, 2013 From April 2012 to late March 2013, roughly 350 patent applicants related to AlGaN, InGaN and GaN were filed. These were by organisations based in Japan, Korea, USA and…

25 Apr 13

Cause of LED Droop May Be Explained

Auger recombination could be responsible for the LED droop phenomenon Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara and colleagues at the École Polytechnique in France say they have identified…

18 Mar 13

Hybrid Silicon Prepares To Displace InP Photonic Chips

Will hybrid silicon be the platform of choice for complex photonic integrated circuits? Compound Semiconductor talks to Martijn Heck from the University of California, Santa Barbara, to find out more.…

11 Mar 13

Long Predicted Atomic Collapse State Observed in Graphene

The first experimental observation of a quantum mechanical phenomenon that was predicted nearly 70 years ago holds important implications for the future of graphene-based electronic devices. Working with microscopic artificial…

06 Mar 13

Compound Semiconductor Award Winners 2012

Leading III-V chipmakers, first-rate toolmakers and the most innovative start-ups grabbed the 2012 Compound Semiconductor Industry Awards. Winners of the CS Industry Awards 2012 were announced on Monday 12 March…

28 Feb 13

Blueglass Grows Low temperature p-GaN with RPCVD

Bluglass Produced p-GaN Films that Meet Industry Benchmark for the First Time Australian clean technology innovator, BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) announced today that it has succeeded in producing p-type gallium…

27 Feb 13

Agnitron Technology Announces III-N HVPE System

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Agnitron Technology Announces III-N HVPE System February 27, 2013, Eden Prairie, MN Agnitron Technology, Inc. announced today its latest epitaxial equipment offering. The Aura Hydride Vapor Phase…

01 Aug 12
Agnitron Technology Collaborates With UCF

Agnitron Technology Collaborates With UCF

Agnitron Technology announced today the start of a collaboration with the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL). The partnership will span 9 months beginning in…