Agnitron celebrates the publication of Ultrawide Bandgap β-Ga2O3 Semiconductor Theory and Applications, edited by UCSB Professors.


Agnitron is pleased to recognize the publication of Ultrawide Bandgap β-Ga2O3 Semiconductor Theory and Applications, released on March 3, 2023.  Dr. James Speck and Dr. Esmat Farzana of University of California Santa Barbara edited the book which was published by AIP Publishing of New York.

This book explores all the aspects of β-Ga2O3, including growth methods, applications, device results, challenges, and its future.  Agnitron Technology is proud to have contributed with writing Chapter 3, “MOCVD GROWTH OF β-2O3 EPITAXY”.   Agnitron has been working with this material for a decade, delivering more than a dozen growth systems to research labs and companies world-wide.  As a company, Agnitron’s personnel have more than a century of experience with MOCVD technologies.  Its staff includes some of the early pioneers with the RDR (rotating disc reactor) and since Agnitron was founded in 2008, has had a keen focus on Ga2O3.  This chapter was constructed by three of Agnitron’s principal scientists who work with the material every day and their work has produced world-records for Ga2O3 material purity and mobilities.

In fact, to date, the best quality β-Ga2O3 epitaxial films (even better than bulk substrates) have been grown with an Agnitron Agilis100™ by MOCVD.  High electron mobilities is a key measure of the purity and overall quality.  Agnitron and many of its customers have seen room temperature mobilities approach 200 cm 2 /Vs (the theoretical limit) while low temperature mobility has been demonstrated at >23,000 cm2/Vs at the Agnitron MOCVD laboratory.

Agnitron’s chapter (3) examines the growth techniques of Ga2O3.  It covers gallium and oxygen precursors (3.2), MOCVD growth of homoepitaxial Ga2O3 (3.3), as well as donor and deep acceptor dopants (3.4).  Section 3.3.5 discusses the parameters and results to achieve the world record results grown at Agnitron’s Laboratory in Chanhassen, MN and confirmed by the AFRL in Dayton, OH mentioned above.

Agnitron Technology, Inc. is a compound semiconductor technology company and supports MOCVD equipment related needs of R&D and production users. We strive to deliver products and services to enable development of advanced semiconductor material and device technologies and products which improve quality of life and the environment.

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